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The hunter’s moon, also known as the sanguine moon, is the first full moon following the harvest moon (the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox). Here the moonlight illuminates ice crystals in the upper atmosphere to give a rainbow halo effect around the moon. This is called a lunar corona

wowowow i saw this last night! couldn’t figure out what it was!


i have a secret dream to one day unapologetically punch someone hard in the face.


Pink sand on Ellafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece. Pink sand is formed of tiny red organisms that grow on dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall to the ocean floor and are washed onto shore.
Photo credit: Jan-Erik Larsson

Following everyone back whos looking for a tumblr boyfriend



do u ever accidentally slam the door on your parents after an argument and then have to sit there praying to god to help u through the ensuing shit storm that you know is about to go down



Today I caught the rainbow in my cat’s ear

all my years of blogging have led me to this moment i can officially close now